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Fidias Panayiotou MEP Salary Revealed: YouTuber Gets Plenty Of Perks As A Politician


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In June 2024, the controversial prankster and influencer Fidias Panayiotou was elected as an independent member of the European Parliament (MEP). According to the BBC, Panayiotou secured 40% of votes from people aged 18-24 and 28% from those aged 25-34, demonstrating significant support from younger voters.

Despite claiming to have never voted and possessing little knowledge of the political system, the 24-year-old influencer is using his platform to take viewers “on a journey of learning.” Through his TikTok account, Fidias Panayiotou has been sharing behind-the-scenes insights into the workings of the European Parliament and has even disclosed his monthly earnings.

Fidias Panayiotou revealed that he receives €8,000 a month as a member of the European Parliament, with an additional €350 for each working day he signs in at parliament. He expressed surprise at this remuneration structure, stating, “Which is a bit strange.” Additionally, Panayiotou is allotted €30,000 per month to cover his team’s salaries, €5,000 for maintaining an office in his home country, and €4,000 to promote his work. He also mentioned an allowance of €10,000 a month to bring people to parliament for a few days so they can “meet and understand” the work being done.

Among the job’s perks are being a driver in Brussels and having business class tickets for Fidias Panayiotou to fly home. Panayiotou asked his viewers, “I’m curious to hear if you think we are overpaid or underpaid?” He estimated that all these expenses together amount to approximately €60,000 a month, close to $65,000 USD, or nearly $780,000 USD a year.

The transparency displayed by Fidias Panayiotou has garnered a mixed reaction from the public. One of the top comments on his video asked, “How to apply to be a member of the European Parliament?” Others praised him as “the most honest politician” they had “ever seen.” Some viewers appreciated his openness, with one stating, “Say what you will about him being there, I love the transparency this guy brings.”

Fidias Panayiotou’s candidness about his earnings and the workings of the European Parliament has sparked a conversation about political salaries and transparency, resonating particularly with younger voters who supported his candidacy.

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