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Influencer Claims Hulk Hogan Fired Her As Brand Ambassador After One Day For Being Black


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Social media influencer Essence Jenai recently made serious allegations against Hulk Hogan’s Real American beer, claiming she was terminated from her role as a brand ambassador on her first day due to her race. Jenai took to TikTok to share her experience, revealing that she was hired and promptly dismissed, with her scheduled events cancelled and replaced by a white woman. Her TikTok videos directly addressed Hulk Hogan, accusing him of racial discrimination in his choice of brand ambassadors, and quickly gained traction with thousands of views and supportive comments.

In response to Jenai’s allegations, a spokesman for Real American Beer vehemently denied any racial motivations behind the termination. According to the spokesman, the decision to end the relationship was based solely on terminating their contract with the third-party marketing agency, not on race or any involvement by Hulk Hogan himself. The company expressed concern over the misinformation circulating and stated their intent to clarify the situation with the agency.

Nevertheless, Essence Jenai’s claims have ignited a broader conversation about racial equality in brand partnerships and corporate responsibility. The incident has prompted calls from civil rights organizations for a thorough investigation into the matter, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in how brands treat their ambassadors. This controversy underscores the scrutiny faced by public figures and companies in today’s social media landscape, where allegations can quickly escalate and impact reputations.

The backdrop to this incident includes the recent launch of Real American Beer, which has also brought renewed attention to Hulk Hogan’s history of controversies involving racially insensitive remarks. As the company and Hogan work to address the fallout from Jenai’s allegations, they face the challenge of managing public perception and ensuring that their actions align with expectations of fairness and inclusivity.

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