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Kids Brands Target Young Parents With Influencer Marketing


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Brands targeting children’s products are increasingly directing their marketing efforts towards millennial and Gen Z parents, recognizing their substantial purchasing influence. In the U.S., approximately 40% of millennials are parents, totaling over 22 million individuals. Additionally, Gen Z parents, comprising one in 10 parents, are also emerging as a significant consumer group, often utilizing platforms like TikTok to discover new products.

However, these digitally-savvy parents are inundated with digital advertisements, necessitating innovative approaches to capture their attention. Companies such as Coterie, PatPat, and Little Spoon are turning to influencer marketing as a strategic tool to engage this audience effectively. They understand that young parents are discerning about online advertising and face intense competition within the baby and kids categories.

For instance, Coterie, a startup in the baby care sector, places a strong emphasis on quality and customer empowerment. Jess Jacobs, Coterie’s chief brand officer, highlights their commitment to supporting parents through informative content on their website, addressing topics ranging from diaper selection to potty training. Since their inception, Coterie has leveraged influencer marketing, collaborating with celebrities like supermodel Karlie Kloss and influencer Ashley Graham, both of whom were already fans of the brand’s offerings.

Similarly, PatPat focuses on partnerships with parent influencers, allowing them to authentically showcase their products to a broader audience. These collaborations build trust and credibility among followers who value recommendations from trusted personalities.

Little Spoon, specializing in baby food with an emphasis on clean ingredients, aligns its messaging with values important to millennial and Gen Z parents. They utilize influencer marketing to communicate transparency and product quality, ensuring their message resonates effectively with their target demographic.

In the competitive landscape targeting young parents, brands must continue innovating their marketing strategies. Influencer marketing stands out as a potent method for reaching this tech-savvy generation, enabling brands to forge genuine connections and effectively communicate their values. As these efforts evolve, brands like Coterie, PatPat, and Little Spoon demonstrate how influencer partnerships can play a pivotal role in engaging and retaining the loyalty of millennial and Gen Z parents.

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