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IShowSpeed Paid $50,000 For Cars Damaged By Fans Who Mobbed Him In Norway


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IShowSpeed, a prominent figure in the YouTube streaming community, encountered tumultuous interactions with fans during his extensive European tour in June and July 2024. Perhaps the most alarming incident took place in Oslo, Norway, where a large crowd eagerly gathered outside a souvenir shop in hopes of meeting the influencer. When IShowSpeed exited the store, the situation quickly escalated as fans rushed towards him. Shockingly, one fan even attempted a daring “WWE Rey Mysterio move,” jumping off the roof of a car in an effort to reach him.

The chaotic scene in Oslo went viral, prompting IShowSpeed to declare that he would never return to Norway publicly. He later revealed the financial toll of such encounters, sharing that he had personally paid a substantial $50,000 for damages caused to vehicles by his enthusiastic fans. “If they break the door, I gotta pay for it,” he lamented during a stream, highlighting the unforeseen costs he incurred due to the behavior of his admirers.

Despite the frustrations and financial setbacks, IShowSpeed expressed his intention to revisit Norway soon, albeit with the hope that his fans would exhibit more restraint. “I don’t want Oslo to go bad again,” he remarked, emphasizing his desire for more orderly interactions with supporters in the future. Throughout his European tour, similar chaotic incidents unfolded, such as in Amsterdam where he had to seek refuge on a stranger’s boat to escape a throng of fans, ultimately requiring police intervention for his safety.

Paris also witnessed dramatic scenes as fans swarmed around IShowSpeed, causing traffic disruptions and necessitating intervention from local authorities to disperse the crowd. Reflecting on these intense experiences, IShowSpeed voiced concerns about the escalating fervor of his fanbase, urging for more respectful conduct to ensure the safety and well-being of both himself and his supporters.

Beyond these challenging moments, IShowSpeed’s European journey had its brighter aspects. He explored iconic landmarks and engaged with followers, including organizing a successful surprise meet-and-greet in London’s local park where interactions were orderly and enjoyable for all involved.

These incidents underscore the complexities of managing fame in the digital age, particularly for top influencers like IShowSpeed. His encounters in Europe highlight the critical importance of effective crowd management and responsible fan behavior during public appearances, aiming for safer and more positive interactions in the future.

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