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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Jake Paul ‘Continues To Steal Money’ From Mike Tyson Ahead Of Boxing Match


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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. joined the ‘It Is What It Is’ podcast to discuss Jake Paul and his upcoming July 20 match against former world champion Mike Tyson. As the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight draws nearer, the undefeated Mayweather, who retired with a perfect 50-0 record after defeating UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017, shared his thoughts on the much-anticipated event.

Mayweather, who has remained a prominent figure in boxing since his retirement, including participating in an exhibition match against Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, took a surprisingly nuanced stance on the Paul vs Tyson fight. Despite criticism from other boxing legends, Mayweather offered a backhanded compliment to Paul for his ability to generate substantial income from his matches.

“I mean, what he [Jake Paul] is doing is kinda cool,” Mayweather said. “If he can continue to steal money, and they match him the way they match him, I can’t knock his hustle. So if they can match him how they’ve been matching him, more power to him.”

However, not everyone shares Mayweather’s perspective. Former champions Carl Froch and Tony Bellew were notably less charitable. Froch argued that the fight “shouldn’t be happening,” while Bellew went so far as to label it a “disgrace” to the sport of boxing. Former UFC standout Michael Bisping echoed these sentiments, describing the event as a “sham,” particularly given Tyson’s recent health scare.

Tyson, now 57, experienced a “medical emergency” on a flight on May 27, which was later identified as an ulcer flare-up. This incident raised concerns among fans about the viability of the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match. Nonetheless, Tyson quickly assured fans of his well-being, declaring himself fit to fight. Paul, never one to shy away from bold statements, reinforced this, promising to “f**k Tyson up” in July.

Despite the mixed reactions, the Paul vs Tyson fight is set to proceed at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where a capacity crowd is expected. Additionally, the bout will be broadcast on Netflix, ensuring a global audience for this high-profile showdown.

Mayweather’s measured comments contrast sharply with the harsh criticisms from other boxing figures, highlighting the polarizing nature of celebrity boxing events. Whether viewed as a spectacle or a legitimate match, the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight is sure to capture the attention of boxing fans and casual viewers alike.

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