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‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Already Sold $65,000 Worth Of Merch, Won’t Reveal How Much She Earns


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Hailey Welch, known online as the “Hawk Tuah” Girl, has turned her viral moment into a lucrative partnership with Fathead Threads, a hat company. Her infamous phrase, which catapulted her into internet fame, is now emblazoned on a variety of merchandise, including “Hawk Tuah Girl merch,” bringing in significant revenue.

Since going viral, Welch teamed up with Fathead Threads to sell hats featuring her signature phrase. The company’s owner, Jason Poteete, revealed to Rolling Stone that they have sold around 2,000 hats so far. The cheapest hat retails at $32.78, and a signed version, which quickly sold out, was priced at $50.

With these numbers, the company has generated over $65,000 in sales from the “Hawk Tuah” merchandise. While it’s unclear what Welch’s exact share of the profits is, it’s likely she is making a substantial amount from the deal. Despite her newfound fame and financial success, Welch has chosen to maintain a low profile and has not signed with a major talent agency like UTA, contrary to some reports.

Poteete mentioned that Welch is still coming to terms with her sudden fame, requesting that no personal details about her life be shared and her face not be featured on the merchandise. This indicates Welch’s preference for privacy despite the public attention.

The success of the “Hawk Tuah” merchandise shows how a viral internet moment can quickly be monetized. Welch’s story is a prime example of how internet fame can be turned into a profitable venture, even if the person behind the fame prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Welch’s rise to fame began with a NSFW street interview that captured the internet’s attention. The viral video, often referred to as the “Hawk Tuah Girl viral video,” led to countless memes and widespread recognition, making her a household name almost overnight. Despite the unexpected celebrity status, Welch has managed to navigate her new reality on her own terms, choosing to capitalize on her catchphrase while avoiding the typical pitfalls of viral fame. This careful balance of leveraging her moment while maintaining personal boundaries highlights Welch’s savvy approach to her unexpected stardom.

The “Hawk Tuah” meme has become a significant part of internet culture, sparking discussions and interpretations of the “Hawk Tuah meaning.” Welch’s ability to turn a simple phrase into a successful brand demonstrates the power of social media and viral content in shaping modern fame and fortune.

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