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Here’s How To Join $1 Million Prime Hydration Treasure Hunt


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Logan Paul and KSI have launched a global treasure hunt called “The Hunt for Hydration” through their Prime Hydration brand. With $1 million up for grabs, participants can join the quest by finding pieces of a treasure map linked to the new Prime X flavor. This event is being referred to in various ways, including the Prime hydration treasure hunt, Prime treasure hunt, and Prime x treasure hunt.

To compete, you need to locate Prime Hydration’s new Prime X flavor in select stores. Each bottle has a QR code that you can scan, or you can visit Prime’s official website to participate. You’ll need to create a free account and confirm you are over 16 years old to join the hunt.

The goal is to unlock 12 unique pieces of the treasure map by finding 12 unique bottles of Prime X. Each bottle provides two key elements: a physical map piece printed under the label and a 12-digit code under the cap. These codes can be scanned or entered manually on the website to build your virtual map. Participants must save every cap and label collected, as these will be required to claim the $1 million prize.

Additionally, codes from the bottles earn points that can be redeemed for Prime merchandise. Although Prime’s official post mentions that no purchase is necessary, this refers to the sign-up process. Acquiring codes and map pieces will involve purchasing the bottles.

The launch of “The Hunt for Hydration” marks one of the biggest promotional events for Prime Hydration, showcasing the brand’s innovative approach to engaging with its audience. Logan Paul and KSI, both major influencers, have leveraged their substantial followings to generate excitement and participation in the Prime hydration treasure hunt. This unique campaign not only promotes the new Prime X flavor but also strengthens the brand’s community by encouraging fans to actively participate in a fun and rewarding challenge. The anticipation and buzz around the Prime treasure hunt highlight the growing trend of interactive marketing strategies in the beverage industry.

The competition runs from June 10 to August 1, giving participants just under two months to find all the limited-edition Prime X bottles and complete their maps. The winner of the $1 million prize will be announced on August 12.

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