Influencer Ingests Toad Venom And Details The Feeling: ‘Being Ripped Out Of Your Body’


Influencer Ingests Toad Venom And Details The Feeling: ‘Being Ripped Out Of Your Body’

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be ingested by venom from a poisonous toad? Well, one social media influencer, is sharing his own experience with details of his harrowing encounter with psychedelic toad venom.

Influencer Dakota Wint recently shared his terrifying journey after ingesting frog toxins during a spiritual retreat in Mexico. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Wint described vivid hallucinations during his ‘toad venom retreat’ – he imagined alien serpents attempting to separate him from his physical body, leading him to believe his demise was imminent. “It felt like my own funeral,” he said in the video.

The practice, known as ‘speed-toading,’ involves consuming the psychedelic toad medicines extracted from the bufo alvarius toad. While traditionally used by indigenous communities for medicinal purposes, it has gained popularity among tourists visiting Tulum, Mexico, seeking spiritual experiences. However, toad venom effects on humans are not something to take lightly. During the ingestion process, whether through licking the toad’s back or smoking its venom in a dried paste form – this truly carries significant risks.

Despite claims of being a “miracle cure” for modern ailments like anxiety and depression, psychedelic toad venom is potent and can induce intense hallucinations and psychological distress. Moreover, its consumption can lead to persistent psychosis and other adverse effects. The effects are said to be akin to ingesting Ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew that can be found being prepared in some communities in the Amazon. Wint said it was easier to ingest the South American brew.

The real issue

As stories like Wint’s highlight the potential dangers of experimenting with drugs, it’s crucial to zero in on the real reason why some people go to the extremes to try these experimental ‘cures.’ Addressing such concerns as mental health, for example, should have been the more pressing concern.

Seeking professional guidance and treatment for mental health issues is always recommended over unregulated substances. Additionally, educating oneself about the risks associated with different substances and making informed decisions can help prevent harm and avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

In light of Wint’s experience, experts emphasize the importance of responsible decision-making and caution against the allure of experimental drugs. While seeking spiritual enlightenment or relief from mental health issues, individuals must weigh the potential risks against the perceived benefits of such substances. Moreover, the accessibility of these drugs, particularly through social media influencers, underscores the need for greater awareness and education regarding their dangers.

Authorities and health organizations advocate for comprehensive drug education programs and accessible resources for those struggling with substance abuse. By promoting a better understanding of the risks associated with drug use and fostering open conversations about mental health, communities can work together to prevent effects like Wint’s from recurring.

On the other hand, cases like Wint’s also highlight the extremes some influencers go through for the sake of content. Recently, two fitness influencers lost their lives while filming their social media materials.

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