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Influencer On Ozempic Can’t Get Butt Implants After Losing Too Much Weight: ‘My Butt Atrophied’


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Brazilian influencer Dayanne Bezerra recently revealed her distress after learning she couldn’t get the butt implants she had planned due to muscle loss from using Ozempic. Bezerra, who has a following of 4 million on Instagram, shared her emotional ordeal through a series of Instagram Stories, highlighting an unexpected downside to the popular weight loss drug.

“Guys, I just went to the doctor because I wanted to get implants in my butt, right, and get a reconstruction because I’ve lost a lot of weight,” Bezerra explained, holding back tears. “The doctor said that my butt atrophied. Can you believe it? And the doctor already knows me. He knows my body. He asked what was happening to me.”

The influencer, known for her fitness and lifestyle content, was devastated when her surgeon informed her that her butt had lost too much muscle to support the implants safely. “I am so sad in the world that my butt atrophied. And he didn’t even put in implants to fix it. He’s not going to reconstruct it, he’s not going to do anything. That’s it for me,” Bezerra lamented.

Ozempic, originally developed for diabetes management, has gained popularity for its weight loss effects. However, Bezerra’s experience highlights significant Ozempic side effects, particularly the muscle loss that can accompany Ozempic weight loss. The influencer expressed her disbelief and sadness over the situation in a follow-up video, questioning how she ended up losing the muscle she needed for the procedure.

“You guys, I am so sad, you have no idea,” she told her followers. “How can a person lose weight to look pretty, and look ugly? I am ugly.” Bezerra’s candid admission about her feelings struck a chord with her audience, sparking a conversation about the pressures of maintaining a certain body image in the influencer industry.

In an attempt to cope with the news, Bezerra turned to retail therapy, visiting Louis Vuitton with friends. While shopping helped lift her spirits temporarily, the influencer continues to grapple with the disappointment of not being able to achieve her desired look.

Dayanne Bezerra’s story sheds light on the unintended Ozempic implications and the challenges faced by influencers in maintaining their physical appearance. As Bezerra navigates this difficult time, her followers are rallying behind her, offering support and hoping she can regain the muscle needed for her butt implants in the future.

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