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Is Influencer Hayden Hopkins Pregnant With Billionaire Raiders’ Owner’s Baby? Pat McAfee Sets Record Straight


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Pat McAfee issued an on-air apology for spreading a false claim that influencer Hayden Hopkins, 26, was expecting a baby with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis, 69. The ESPN personality mentioned the incorrect information during a WWE Raw broadcast, leading to widespread speculation.

Hopkins recently announced her pregnancy, prompting social media accounts, including aggregator Dov Kleiman, to link her unborn child to Davis. These rumors gained traction after Hopkins was seen with Davis at a Raiders game in 2022. Although they were rumored to be dating, Hopkins had clarified that their relationship was purely platonic.

During a WWE Raw segment, McAfee said, “Mark Davis is 70 years and is expecting a child with a 26-year-old. Anything is possible in this modern world!” This statement added fuel to the false rumors. Hopkins quickly disputed the claim, stating Davis was not the father.

On his Tuesday ESPN show, McAfee addressed his mistake, apologizing for perpetuating the false narrative. “I apologize for perpetuating a lie,” McAfee said. “I understand how happy you guys should be at this moment. It would suck to have a 70-year-old billionaire looming over it. So I’d like to apologize to Hayden and let the world know, hey, we gotta make sure we get these things right.”

He admitted to spreading the false rumor during a wrestling match between Braun Strowman and JD McDonagh. “I spread lies in the middle of the Braun Strowman-JD McDonagh match last night. Mark Davis is not the father.”

Hopkins also addressed the rumors on X, formerly known as Twitter, emphasizing that the reports were false. “Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue. I was pictured sitting next to him at a game in 2022 and have endured false rumors of a romantic relationship since,” Hopkins wrote. “I was just a guest sitting in the owner’s box with other friends. These continued media stories are negatively affecting what should be my happiest days. Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the fall.”

Hopkins has been a Las Vegas resident since 2017, where she performs as La Belle in Treasure Island’s Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere. She has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her life and professional updates. The incident underscores the need for accuracy and responsibility in reporting, especially regarding personal and sensitive matters.

Pat McAfee’s apology and Hopkins’ clarification highlight the challenges and impacts of misinformation in the digital age, especially for public figures. With millions of followers and the pervasive nature of social media, false rumors can quickly spiral out of control, causing personal and professional distress. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before sharing it publicly. Both McAfee and Hopkins hope this experience will encourage others to approach such matters with caution and respect, ensuring that false narratives do not overshadow the truth.

In another part of her life, Hayden Hopkins has been linked to professional baseball player Joey Gallo. The couple is looking forward to their new chapter together. Despite the erroneous rumors involving Mark Davis, Hayden Hopkins and Joey Gallo have been focusing on the joy of their upcoming addition.

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