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Influencer Tells Police She’s Received Death Threats Days Before Being Found Dead In Condo


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Malaysian social media influencer and activist Rajeswary Appahu, known as Esha, tragically passed away after expressing fears of being raped and killed, as detailed in a police report she filed just days before her death. The 30-year-old TikToker, who was actively involved in advocating for Hindu rights, lodged a report at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur, accusing individuals of cyberbullying and harassment on TikTok.

In her report, Rajeswary alleged that she was subjected to severe trolling during a live session on TikTok, where an individual not only used her photo but also threatened her with sexual assault, violence, and encouraged others to harass her. The distressing incident prompted widespread condemnation on social media, with many expressing shock and sadness over the tragic outcome of the Malaysian influencer found dead.

Her father, P. Appahu, a temple caretaker, described Rajeswary as a resilient person and expressed disbelief over the circumstances leading to her death. Meanwhile, Malaysian Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil announced plans to meet with TikTok officials to discuss platform governance and address issues related to cyberbullying.

Despite Rajeswary’s courageous efforts to seek legal recourse against her tormentors, including lodging a police report, her tragic demise underscores the urgent need for better protections against online harassment. Authorities confirmed that while Rajeswary had reported the threats to the police, investigations into her case are ongoing, highlighting the complexities and challenges in combating cyberbullying effectively.

The Malaysian government, including officials like Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo and Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, has pledged to prioritize legislative measures and policies aimed at curbing online abuse and ensuring accountability for such incidents. They emphasized the seriousness with which they view cyberbullying and reiterated their commitment to implementing effective strategies to protect individuals from digital harassment.

Efforts are underway to strengthen laws and regulations concerning social media usage, including proposals for stricter controls and mechanisms to handle complaints promptly. Rajeswary’s tragic case has underscored the critical need for these initiatives to prevent future tragedies and safeguard online users in Malaysia.

As the Malaysian community mourns the loss of Rajeswary, discussions about enhancing online safety measures and ensuring swift action against perpetrators are intensifying. The incident of the TikToker found dead has sparked calls for systemic changes to safeguard individuals, particularly activists and influencers, from the dangers of cyberbullying and harassment on social media platforms.

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