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TikTok Reunites Twin Who Were Kidnapped At Birth


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In an extraordinary twist of fate, identical twin sisters Elene Deisadze and Anna Panchulidze, separated at birth, have found each other through TikTok. Their incredible story has captivated millions, making waves on social media and shedding light on a dark chapter in adoption history.

A TikTok Discovery

In 2022, Elene was casually scrolling through TikTok, following the latest TikTok trends today, when she stumbled upon a video of Anna, who looked strikingly similar to her. Intrigued by the uncanny resemblance, Elene reached out to Anna, and the two quickly formed a bond. Unbeknownst to them, their connection was much deeper than mere friendship.

Uncovering the Truth

As Elene and Anna grew closer, their parents separately revealed to each girl that she was adopted. This revelation prompted them to question their pasts and ultimately led them to take DNA tests in 2023. The results confirmed their wildest suspicions: they were identical twins.

“We became friends without suspecting we might be sisters, but both of us felt there was some special bond between us,” Elene told AFP. Anna added, “I struggled to process the information, to accept the new reality – the people who had raised me for 18 years are not my parents. But I feel no anger whatsoever, only immense gratitude to the people who raised me, and joy at finding my flesh and blood.”

A Dark Past Unveiled

The story took a darker turn when Elene and Anna delved into their adoption history. They discovered that they were victims of a baby trafficking scheme. Born in a hospital in Georgia, their biological parents were told by hospital staff that their twin girls had died after birth. Journalists later uncovered that thousands of adoptions in Georgia over the past 50 years were part of an ongoing baby trafficking network involving hospitals, nurseries, and adoption agencies.

Elene’s adoptive mother, Lia Korkotadze, recounted her decision to adopt Elene. She told AFP that she and her husband struggled to conceive and found the waiting lists for adoption from orphanages to be impossibly long. Lia decided to adopt six-month-old Elene after an acquaintance informed her that a local hospital had a baby available for a price.

Seeking Justice and Support

The revelation of their adoption circumstances has united Elene and Anna in a quest for justice. They have joined a support group on Facebook run by Georgian journalist Tamuna Museridze, which has brought together more than 800 families who fell victim to the scheme. Their story has highlighted the importance of awareness and advocacy against such illegal practices.


Elene and Anna’s story, which has trended on TikTok and captivated audiences worldwide, is a testament to the power of social media in reconnecting lost loved ones. It also serves as a sobering reminder of the dark realities some families face in the adoption process. Their journey from TikTok trending now to uncovering a harrowing past showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the unbreakable bond of family.

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