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Influencer Was Driving Car That Smashed Into Oncoming Vehicle, Killing One Person: Report


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Social media influencer Summer Wheaton has been identified as the driver involved in a tragic collision in Malibu on July 4th, according to officials speaking to Eyewitness News. The incident, which occurred on Pacific Coast Highway, involved Wheaton’s white Mercedes-Benz crossing the center median and colliding with a Cadillac Escalade traveling in the opposite direction, resulting in a fatal outcome for the Cadillac’s driver. Wheaton and a passenger from the Cadillac were hospitalized, and investigations into the cause of the crash are ongoing.

With a significant following on Instagram, exceeding 100,000 followers, Wheaton is known for her roles as a speaker, wellness advocate, and founder of a nonprofit organization. The collision took place shortly after Wheaton had departed from an exclusive event at Nobu restaurant, known as the white party, attended by a large number of guests.

Jefferson Wagner, a local business owner near Nobu, voiced concerns about the event’s impact, highlighting disruptions caused by vehicles associated with the party that congested the highway. Photos presented at a Malibu City Council meeting depicted the aftermath of the event, raising community concerns about safety and compliance with local regulations.

Despite the city’s denial of a temporary use permit for the event due to traffic and safety concerns, Nobu proceeded with the party, prompting city officials to consider enforcement actions. Malibu residents, already advocating for improved safety measures along PCH following previous fatal incidents, expressed frustration over the recurring issues and the need for stricter oversight.

The tragic collision involving Summer Wheaton has underscored broader community discussions about public safety and responsible event management in Malibu, emphasizing the ongoing need for effective measures to prevent future accidents on Pacific Coast Highway.

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