Influencer Who Ran Brooklyn Half Marathon Without Registering Says Her Act Was Meant To ‘Inspire Others’



Social media personality Alexa Curtis faced heavy criticism after she posted a video of herself crossing the finish line at the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Half Marathon 2024 without actually registering for the race. Banditing, or running a race without registering, is a controversial act as race entry fees contribute to essential race logistics and charity donations. Alexa Curtis, an influencer, later apologized, stating her intent was to inspire others and improve her mental health. She admitted her ignorance regarding the offense caused and pledged to familiarize herself with race rules in the future.

In her Alexa Curtis half marathon apology posted on social media platform X, Curtis expressed regret over the unintended offense caused by her actions. She stated, “I did not realize I would offend so many people… I had no intention to take anything from anyone or the race: I was running for myself for my mental health. In the future I’ll be sure to look up the rules if I decide to run again.”

The 2024 RBC Brooklyn Half Marathon, organized by NYCRUNS, is not only a significant athletic event but also a fundraiser for charity. Registration fees, which can be as high as $125, contribute to race logistics such as security, medical services, and refreshments for participants. Additionally, a portion of the registration fees goes to charity, with NYU Langone Healthy being the “signature charity partner” for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Curtis admitted her lack of registration in a lengthy post where she described her experience running the race and the personal challenges she had overcome. Despite her explanation, many social media users criticized her actions, accusing her of “stealing” from the race and the community. Curtis engaged with some of the criticism, highlighting her own recent financial challenges and emphasizing her efforts to inspire others through her work.

Her publicist defended Curtis, stating that she decided last minute to participate in the race as a means to promote fitness and the mind-body connection. The publicist also mentioned that Curtis, who is visiting from overseas, intended her participation to be positive and uplifting for her followers.

NYCRUNS issued a statement emphasizing the safety risks associated with banditing and the unfairness it poses to registered runners. They highlighted the record number of participants in the race and emphasized the importance of bibs for identifying runners in case of medical emergencies.

Despite the controversy, Curtis’ actions have sparked a conversation about the ethics of banditing races and the responsibility of influencers in promoting responsible behavior.

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