‘Studytuber’ Admits To Ignorance Over Basic But Important Politics Info; Netizens Call Her Out


Jade Bowler

Influencer Jade Bowler, known for her educational content on social media, faced criticism after admitting she didn’t grasp the difference between left-wing and right-wing politics until the age of 18. Despite her academic achievements, including scoring top grades in her GCSEs and A levels, Bowler revealed her lack of political awareness in a video urging followers to register to vote for local elections.

Bowler, also known as UnjadedJade online and one of the many ‘studytubers’ in UK, attributed her ignorance to growing up in a household where politics was not discussed. She explained that her parents didn’t vote, and political conversations were absent from family discussions. Jade Bowler’s YouTube revelation sparked debate among her followers, with some expressing shock at her admission and others questioning her association of critical thinking with attending university. It also puts a focus on what is studytubes and the authenticity of the information they share since these accounts have significant following.

The influencer, who graduated with a first-class degree in Cognitive Science from Minerva Schools, a remote-learning institution, highlighted her enlightenment to UK politics through university and international travel. However, her comments about the role of education in fostering critical thinking received criticism for being perceived as elitist by some viewers. Despite the backlash, Bowler’s video reminded her followers to participate in the democratic process by registering to vote.

Bowler’s journey, a continuous learning process from academic success to political awareness, underscores the importance of education and exposure to diverse perspectives in shaping individuals’ understanding of societal issues. As she navigates post-university life and continues to share her experiences online, Bowler’s story reflects the complexities of political awareness and the role of influencers in fostering civic engagement among their audiences.

As Bowler continues to engage with her audience and share insights gained from her educational journey and global experiences, her story serves as a reminder of the diverse paths individuals take in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding. While her admission of past ignorance sparked debate, it also opened the door to conversations about the accessibility of education and the importance of encouraging critical thinking skills in all spheres of life, regardless of formal academic qualifications. Moving forward, Bowler’s commitment to personal growth and her willingness to engage with feedback from her audience reflects a broader trend among influencers seeking to foster dialogue and promote positive societal change through their platforms.

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