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Influencer’s 2-Year-Old Dies After Drowning In Hotel Room Pool While Parents Were Napping


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Influencer Jasmine Yong and her husband Lim Kong Wang are grieving the loss of their 2-year-old son, Enzo, who tragically drowned in a private hotel pool while the couple was asleep. The devastating incident occurred on May 17 during a stay at the hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Jasmine Yong, known for her lifestyle and beauty content on Instagram, shared the heartbreaking news on May 22. In a post translated to English, she recounted waking up from a nap to find Enzo missing and the door to the indoor pool unlocked. Due to poor network connection, the couple couldn’t immediately call for help, so they administered emergency CPR before seeking assistance from hotel staff.

Emergency personnel were able to revive him, however Enzo drifted into a coma. Despite efforts to revive him, Enzo remained in a coma after being rushed to the hospital. Sadly, his heartbeat ceased due to insufficient oxygen supply, and he passed away, leaving Jasmine Yong and her husband devastated.

Jasmine Yong emphasized that the accident was unforeseen and urged against speculation or rumors. She expressed gratitude for the support she and her husband received and stressed the importance of protecting her family.

Jasmine Yong also shared a video memorializing her son, who had gained a significant following on his own Instagram account managed by his parents. Prior to his passing, she had asked her followers for prayers while Enzo was in the ICU, hoping for his recovery.

Following the tragedy, condolences and messages of support poured in from fans, friends, and family members, offering comfort to Jasmine Yong and her family during the difficult time.

In response to the heartbreaking loss, many followers and well-wishers expressed their condolences and solidarity with Jasmine Yong and her family. The tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of water safety, particularly when young children are involved. As the community mourns Enzo’s untimely passing, efforts to raise awareness about pool safety and the need for constant supervision of children around water have gained renewed emphasis.

Which hotel Jasmine Yong and her family were staying at during this tragic event has not been disclosed publicly. Jasmine Yong, known for her detailed and engaging content, has chosen to keep some aspects of the incident private as she navigates this period of grief.

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