Married At First Sight’ Star Signs With Talent Agency To Be Launched As Australia’s Next Biggest Influencer


Lauren Dunn

Married at First Sight cast Lauren Dunn, the unforgettable star of the 2024 reality TV show, has made a major stride in her career. She’s now under the management of Sharon Finnigan, a prominent figure in SF Celebrity Management, a renowned celebrity talent agency in Australia. Banking on Dunn’s quick wit and candid personality, this is the next step for the reality star to explore opportunities that resonate with her vibrant character and public image and is now in the running to become AU’s next big influencer.

SF Celebrity Management recently shared their excitement about their new partnership with Dunn, citing her dynamic presence on the reality show as a key factor. “Lauren’s energy and strong opinions made her a standout this season,” the management’s statement emphasized. “Her sharp wit and ability to handle tough situations demonstrate her intelligence and charisma, qualities that we are proud to have on our team.”

Amidst a flurry of activity in Sydney, Dunn’s signing has sparked a buzz. She’s been attending business meetings and socializing with fellow MAFS star Sara Mesa. According to reports from Yahoo Lifestyle, multiple agencies are vying for their attention, eager to position them as Australia’s next leading fashion and beauty personalities as part of the effort in influencer marketing in Australia.

Adding a delightful touch to her rising profile, Dunn was recently overheard sharing a light-hearted exchange with paparazzi in Sydney. Upon leaving Bills Cafe in Double Bay with Mesa, she quipped about their search for new partners. “You know what they say? Out with the old, in with the new… just trying to find a new [partner] if you know anyone,” Dunn said. Both she and Mesa playfully encouraged potential suitors to “slide into our DMs,” with Dunn jokingly adding, “You better be rich.”

Lauren Dunn, as a MAFS talent, marks a significant and exciting shift from a reality TV contestant to a potential influencer. It signals new ventures that align closely with her public persona, promising to keep her in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

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