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OnlyFans Star Shares ‘Traumatic Experience’ After Being Deported From US, Locked In ‘Airport Jail’ For 10 Hours


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Australian influencer and OnlyFans star, Billie Beever, recently recounted a distressing encounter at LAX airport where she was deported following a lengthy interrogation. Beever, known for her presence on the platform where Australian OnlyFans models and creators thrive, described being detained upon arrival in Los Angeles. The 32-year-old detailed the ordeal in a TikTok video, highlighting the intense questioning she faced about her work, income, and personal life.

According to Beever, the interrogation lasted for over ten hours, during which she was held in what she referred to as ‘airport jail.’ Her belongings, including her phone and passport, were confiscated, leaving her feeling isolated and vulnerable. “My family were about an hour away from filing a missing persons report,” Beever told Yahoo News Australia, reflecting on the anxiety and uncertainty of the experience.

The incident has left Beever traumatized and fearful of future travel to the United States. “I’m actually scared to go anywhere now and I absolutely will not be going back to the US,” she asserted. Her abrupt deportation back to Australia was accompanied by what she described as a humiliating body search.

Despite achieving significant success as an OnlyFans creator, where Australian influencers like herself have carved out lucrative careers, Beever has frequently encountered stigma and criticism. Her openness about her career path has led to harsh judgment and hurtful comments, which she has bravely confronted in various media appearances.

Reflecting on her journey in the adult entertainment industry since the age of 18, Beever has not shied away from discussing the challenges she faces. Her transparency extends to her personal life, including her plans to honestly address her profession with her young daughter when she is older.

As she continues to navigate the complexities of her career and its societal perceptions, Beever’s experience at LAX serves as a stark reminder of the prejudices faced by creators in her field, particularly as an OnlyFans star.

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