‘Soft Guy Era’ Meaning: New TikTok Trend Wants Women To Financially ‘Contribute’ In Relationships


Soft guy era

One of the TikTok trends this April 2024 is dubbed the ‘soft guy era,’ meaning people are challenging traditional gender roles in financial responsibility within relationships. Influencers on the platform are advocating for a shift away from the expectation that men should be the sole providers.

Leading the charge are TikTok users Scarfacemark and Lil Goodie, who have self-proclaimed themselves as co-founders of this movement. Their videos and statements have garnered significant attention this month, promoting a partnership-based approach to handling finances in relationships.

“You’re telling me you’re a grown woman, and you’re my woman, and you can’t put up 50% of the bills, you’re broke and lazy,” said Lil Goodie in a video that has stirred both support and controversy. Scarfacemark added, “We all know being a provider in 2024 is a scam. So we don’t care. We’re not doing that anymore.”

The influencers argue that in today’s economic climate, where dual incomes are often necessary to maintain a standard of living, financial contributions should be equal. This message resonates with a growing number of followers who echo the sentiment that economic responsibilities should be shared.

The soft guy era “drizzle drizzle” meaning is associated with the movement, a playful counterpart to the “sprinkle sprinkle” advice previously popularized by creator Leticia Padua, who encouraged women to seek men who would financially provide for them.

The ‘soft guy era meaning’ discussions on TikTok also touch on broader economic issues. Rising costs for essentials like housing and groceries have intensified the dialogue about financial equity in relationships. In one of his videos, Scarfacemark expressed the financial pressures facing many, stating, “I’m paying all of your bills, and I’m paying for your lifestyle. How the f— are we going to send our kids to private school?”

The trend has sparked a mix of reactions, with some users misunderstanding the concept as advocating for women to bear all financial responsibilities. However, most discussions emphasize the importance of mutual financial participation in managing current economic challenges better.

This social media movement reflects a growing awareness and adaptation to the realities of modern economic life, where traditional roles are increasingly viewed as outdated. As the cost of living rises, the ‘soft guy era’ advocates for a more balanced approach to financial responsibilities in relationships.

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