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TikTok Influencer Goes Viral For Eating Foam, Claims It Tastes Like Cheetos


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Adriane Batistta, a Brazilian influencer, recently caused a stir on TikTok during a livestream by consuming foam packaging inserts and likening their taste to Cheetos. The surprising incident unfolded as Batistta showcased beauty products she had received in a mail unboxing session.

In the peculiar video, Batistta is seen examining a pink foam packing noodle from a small box, sniffing it, and then taking a bite. Addressing her audience, she remarked, “Guys, I saw everyone doing this, I had to do it.” She proceeded to eat another piece and enthusiastically exclaimed, “Guys, this is Cheetos to eat!” before taking a second strip.

The livestream continued with Batistta sampling more foam pieces, confirming, “It tastes like a cheese puff, you know? The one with the red package.” She continued to consume additional strips, expressing surprise and excitement, stating, “I’m freaking out guys!”

Later in the video, Batistta explored other items she had received, opening a plastic bag and pondering aloud, “I’m almost sure it’s edible.” Notably, she did not respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com regarding the incident.

The footage quickly went viral, eliciting a range of reactions from her followers. Some found entertainment in her unusual actions, with one commenter joking, “She ate it with so much pleasure that now I want to eat it too LOL.” However, others criticized her behavior as irresponsible, particularly in terms of potential influence on younger viewers. One Instagram follower expressed concern, “It could induce children to eat Styrofoam and suffer consequences. Absurd.”

Amidst the playful and critical comments, warnings about the dangers of ingesting such materials were shared. A concerned TikTok user cautioned, “They put out a warning not to consume it, probably due to storage conditions and its composition.”

Adriane Batistta’s controversial stunt highlights the risks influencers sometimes take to attract attention and engagement on social media platforms. It has sparked discussions about the responsibility of content creators and the impact of their actions, particularly in terms of safety and influence on audiences.

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