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Cat ‘Biggie Smalls’ Becomes TikTok Star After Documenting Weight Loss Journey


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In recent months, Axel, affectionately known as “Biggie Smalls,” has captured the hearts of thousands online with his remarkable weight loss journey. Rescued earlier this year by his owner Kristine Segui in Canada, Axel has shed an impressive 10 pounds since February through a dedicated diet and exercise plan, as reported by CTV News Ottawa. Segui expressed her joy at Axel’s progress, describing it as “incredible,” and emphasized her goal for Axel to relish his life as a cat again, including activities like jumping and exploring.

Axel’s journey to a healthier weight has been chronicled on TikTok since February, where Segui initially introduced him as a 43-pound cat surrendered to a local shelter. The TikTok videos track Axel’s transformation with captions like “He may be a thicc boy now but this beautiful dude is on his way to a much better life” and “Axel is hungry allll the time but he’s doing the best he can with diet and exercise.”

Recently, a celebratory TikTok update marked a significant milestone in Axel’s progress, with Segui proudly announcing, “A very special OFFICIAL Weigh in Friday!!!!!! This is the one that counts!! WE DID IT!! Go Biggie or go home baby!!!!” Axel’s journey has garnered over 130,000 followers on TikTok, who eagerly cheer him on every step of the way.

Looking forward, Segui plans for Axel to continue his weight loss journey, aiming for an additional 10 to 15 pounds over the next year. Axel, now a cherished member of Segui’s family, joins her extensive experience fostering hundreds of cats. “He’s one of mine now, so he’s part of our family,” she shared with CTV News Ottawa.

Inspired by Axel’s success and the outpouring of support, Segui, who directs the Ferdinand and Friends Animal Rescue Network, has initiated a fundraiser. This campaign seeks to provide resources for other overweight cats, offering them the opportunity for a healthier and happier life, mirroring Axel’s transformational journey. Segui hopes Axel’s story will inspire others to adopt and care for animals struggling with obesity, demonstrating that with dedication and proper care, every pet deserves a chance to thrive in a loving home.

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