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Water Fasting Risks: TikTok Star Mikaela Testa Suffers Appendecitis After Doing Viral Weight Loss Trend


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A successful OnlyFans creator revealed her career choice "testa’d" her parent’s patience so much they "disowned" her.

TikTok sensation Mikaela Testa recently faced a serious health scare, landing in the hospital due to a severe case of appendicitis. She shared the ordeal on Instagram, posting candid images from her hospital stay, including one displaying an intravenous drip in her arm.

The incident occurred while Mikaela was in the midst of a “water fast,” a practice where individuals abstain from consuming any food and only drink water for extended periods. Expressing her discomfort, Mikaela recounted, “The nurse just told me I can’t actually eat anything at all, and before I came, I had already fasted for 24 hours.” She candidly admitted to intense hunger pangs, humorously remarking, “I’m starving and all I want is some chicken tendies.”

Throughout her hospitalization, Mikaela shared glimpses of her experience, posting a photo of what she dubbed her “0 calories dinner” — a cup with yellow liquid. Another image showed her receiving medical treatment in a hospital room, emphasizing the seriousness of her condition.

This health incident follows recent controversies surrounding Mikaela, including allegations of Photoshopping a vacation photo on Instagram. While vacationing in Japan, she faced scrutiny over a photo showcasing her figure, with followers pointing out discrepancies like a bent tree branch next to her. Mikaela responded by addressing the accusation directly, posting the comment and a photo of the tree, clarifying the situation.

Despite such controversies, Mikaela’s fans have rallied around her during her hospitalization, offering support and eagerly awaiting updates on her recovery. As she navigates this health setback, Mikaela continues to engage with her audience, sharing personal insights and updates about her well-being.

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