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TikTok Star Beavo Is Broke After App ‘Ruined My Life’


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English TikTok sensation Beavo, known for his viral videos devouring food in a single bite, has publicly declared that his internet fame has left him “broke” and feeling like TikTok has “ruined” his life. The revelations came during an emotional series of videos posted on his Instagram page in June 2024 following an appearance on the ‘Whatever’ podcast.

Beavo, whose real name is Beavis Brandon, shot to stardom in 2023 with his attention-grabbing content, showcasing lavish lifestyles, luxury cars, and new veneers on his social media platforms. However, in recent videos, he candidly admitted financial struggles, claiming his viral success hasn’t translated into financial stability.

In one video posted on June 23, Beavo lamented his imminent financial woes, acknowledging that he faces eviction within two weeks and describing his current situation as “not looking great.” He attributed his downfall to the pressures of maintaining a persona he constructed on social media and the negative consequences that followed.

“It’s all come from the Whatever podcast,” Beavo confessed in another video, referencing his attempt to emulate other TikTok influencers and create a character that backfired. He expressed regret over believing the wrong people and acknowledged strains on his relationship due to financial pressures.

“I just don’t feel like I can act like this anymore,” he admitted, apologizing to anyone he may have offended during his rise to fame.

While some of Beavo’s followers have shown sympathy, others remain skeptical, suggesting his financial struggles might be exaggerated for attention. Criticism intensified after Beavo’s revelations about his relationship dynamics and past content decisions, which drew mixed reactions from his audience.

Beavo’s recent disclosures echo his controversial appearance on the Whatever podcast in May, where discussions about his relationship and income from adult content sparked widespread ridicule and scrutiny. Despite the backlash, Beavo plans to take a break from social media to reassess his situation as he navigates public scrutiny and financial uncertainty.

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