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TikToker Reveals How To Shop At Costco Without A Membership


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A savvy shopper has revealed a simple trick on how to shop at Costco without a membership, creating a buzz on social media. TikToker Tiff Bish, known as @tiffjessup, shared her life hack in a video that quickly gained nearly 500,000 likes in just three days.

In her video, Tiff Bish explained how to shop at Costco without a card by using Instacart, a popular grocery delivery and pick-up service. She highlighted that anyone can order from Costco through Instacart without being a member of the warehouse club.

“Life hack, if you want to try Costco or Sam’s Club stuff and you don’t have a membership, go on Instacart,” Tiff Bish proclaimed in her video.

To demonstrate, she uploaded a follow-up video guiding viewers through the process of placing an order with Costco via Instacart. The bargain lover showed how easy it is to order her favorite items, such as Island Way sorbet, without needing a Costco membership.

Tiff Bish, who primarily shops at Sam’s Club, has found a convenient workaround for accessing Costco’s bulk deals and unique products. Her tip has resonated with many who are eager to save money and access Costco’s offerings without committing to an annual fee.

The response to her videos underscores a growing interest in finding alternative ways to shop at membership-only stores. Instacart, which partners with various retailers, allows non-members to shop from Costco and other warehouse clubs, making it a valuable tool for budget-conscious shoppers.

While some may still prefer the full membership benefits, Tiff Bish’s hack offers a flexible option for those looking to sample Costco’s products or make occasional bulk purchases. This method also appeals to those who might not shop frequently enough to justify the membership cost.

This revelation comes amid a time when consumers are increasingly looking for ways to save on groceries and other essentials. By using services like Instacart Costco delivery, shoppers can enjoy the convenience of home delivery and access to a wider range of products without additional fees.

For those interested in trying out this method, Tiff Bish’s videos provide a clear and straightforward guide, making it easier for anyone to take advantage of Costco’s deals without a membership.

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