Twitter Stories: What Is X’s New Feature About?


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X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature called Stories, powered by Elon Musk’s AI chatbot Grok, to provide summarized news content to its users. The Twitter stories feature, available to X’s Premium subscribers, offers personalized summaries of trending stories featured in the Explore section’s For You tab.

The For You page curates popular news and stories on Twitter circulating within a user’s network, along with suggested items, making it a convenient destination for users to stay updated without extensive scrolling. With Stories, users can now access concise summaries of each trending story, enhancing their browsing experience. These stories can range from breaking news to industry updates, ensuring a diverse and relevant news feed.

Grok’s AI-generated summaries provide a quick overview of the subject matter, allowing you to grasp the key points of each story. However, a disclaimer is in place to ensure your trust and confidence, urging you to verify Grok AI on Twitter outputs due to the potential for errors in AI-generated content.

This initiative, Grok AI on X, marks a departure from Twitter’s previous approach to summarizing trends, which involved adding headlines and descriptions manually. With Grok’s Stories, X aims to offer users more comprehensive and real-time news summaries.

Access to Elon Musk‘s Grok AI, a cutting-edge technology, is a key feature of X’s Premium subscriptions. Starting at just $8 monthly for web users, this innovative addition underscores X’s commitment to delivering the latest features and enhancing your engagement on our platform.

As AI-powered news summaries gain traction, they present an intriguing potential. They could serve as a gateway, sparking curiosity and driving traffic to news sources. However, concerns about potential misinformation and its implications for the media industry also arise, highlighting the need for careful consumption.

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