Woman Goes Viral On TikTok For Finding Her Friend A Date By Giving Out Her Business Card



In a unique twist on modern dating, New York content creator Natalie Abatemarco has turned to a novel method to help a friend find romance—by printing 500 business cards designed to introduce her friend to potential dates. This creative approach, blending traditional networking tools with social media connectivity, quickly captured the internet’s attention, amassing over 550,000 views and becoming a TikTok trending video.

The cards feature a photo of Abatemarco’s friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, along with a QR code linking to her social media profiles and a short biography. Abatemarco, 25, spent just $20 on this inventive project, which she described as a humorous “secret Santa” gift meant to bring a little fun into the often daunting world of dating.

The duo distributed these cards while socializing in New York City, targeting men they found appealing. Abatemarco told SWNS that while the cards have yet to lead to any dates, they served as an excellent icebreaker, sparking many amusing interactions and enhancing their social outings. The activity has become one of the top trends on TikTok.

“We were parading around New York City handing out the cards to people she thought [were] cute,” Abatemarco explained. “It makes our evening so much better when we go out,” she added, noting the funny situations that often ensued from their card distribution antics.

This isn’t the first time singles have gotten creative with their dating strategies. Several other videos which have become TikTok trends, can be found in the platform. In a similar vein, Karolina Geits walked the streets of New York last September with a cardboard sign stating she was “looking for a husband,” a stunt that gained substantial traction on social media. Another inventive dater, Michelle Arshad from Toronto, used a custom stamp as her conversation starter, imprinting a playful message and her Instagram handle on the hands of potential suitors.

Meanwhile, others like Carly Galluzzo from Long Island are opting out of the dating game entirely, with Galluzzo proclaiming herself “boy sober” after growing tired of the pressures associated with continuous dating, regardless of the quality of her dates.

As modern dating continues to evolve, these stories highlight the diverse and sometimes unconventional approaches people are willing to explore in the quest for companionship.

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