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‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Breaks Silence On Viral Moment, Sets Record On Lies About Her


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Hailey Welch, famously known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl from a viral meme, recently addressed several misconceptions about her life and newfound fame during an appearance on Brianna LaPaglia’s ‘Plan Bri’ podcast.

Welch clarified that many stories circulating about her are untrue. Contrary to popular belief, she is not a former school teacher and was not dismissed from a teaching job because of her viral moment. “I’m only 21 years old; I haven’t even reached the age to become a teacher,” she emphasized. Instead, Welch was employed at a spring factory when she unexpectedly discovered her meme status, having been largely unaware of her online fame due to distancing herself from social media.

Addressing another rumor, Welch debunked the claim that her father is a preacher who disapproved of the viral video. She shared that her parents actually find the situation amusing and support her sense of humor. Welch admitted feeling initially shocked by the sudden online attention and the invasive attempts to locate her. She recounted instances where fans created fake social media profiles and used photos from her friends’ accounts, prompting her decision to step forward and clarify matters. “It’s unsettling to see your face on a profile that isn’t yours,” she commented.

During the podcast, Welch disclosed a bizarre incident where she received a $600 offer to spit into a jar. Despite briefly considering it, she ultimately found the proposal “disgusting” and declined. Despite the notoriety stemming from the viral moment, Welch expressed a desire not to be solely defined by the “Hawk Tuah” meme. Nevertheless, she has taken steps forward by securing management representation and a merchandise deal based on her NSFW catchphrase.

Welch also shared her intention to leverage her newfound platform for positive purposes, including raising awareness about mental health issues and supporting local charities. “Using this attention for something meaningful is important to me,” Welch stated. “I want to give back and assist those in need within my community.” This marks a significant shift as Welch navigates her viral fame with an aim to redefine her public image and make a lasting, positive impact beyond her internet notoriety.

Hailey Welch’s journey underscores the complexities of sudden viral fame, as she manages misconceptions while striving to use her platform responsibly for causes close to her heart. Her story serves as a reminder of the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that come with online recognition in today’s digital age.

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