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Iyana LeShea: Rising Above Albinism With Confidence

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Ever since influencer marketing became a big thing, more people have aspired to become one. Influencers are modern-day celebrities, and some are much more popular than TV celebrities. These influencers have dominated YouTube, and the platform gives them the spotlight through the “Creator on The Rise” portion of their “trending” tab.

“Creator on The Rise” features nano-influencers and micro-influencers who are gradually gaining subscribers or becoming more popular. The influencers featured here produce different content in various niches, catering to all types of audiences.

This week’s featured Creator on The Rise is Iyana Ishom, known online as Iyana LeShea. Only very little information about Iyana can be found on the internet, so most curious audiences get to know her through her social media channels, especially YouTube.

The influencer published a question and answer YouTube vlog four years ago, and the video gives snippets of her life and who she is in response to the questions given by her viewers.

If you want to know a few random things about Iyana LeShea, this is everything we’ve gathered from the said video:

  • Her travel bucket list includes Bora Bora, London, and Hawaii.
  • She’s never experienced dry scalp, so it’s not a problem for her. (A question thrown at her because of her beautiful curly locks.)
  • She deepen conditions her hair every two weeks or twice a month.
  • Her goal is to put her channel in the direction of positivity. It is her desire to inspire people with her YouTube content.
  • The advice she could give to starting influencers is to be consistent and promote themselves on their other social media channels.
  • She is black but has white skin and blonde hair due to albinism. Albinism is a skin condition that causes a lack of pigmentation in the hair and skin, making her white and blonde regardless of race.
  • She is heavily interested in arts and drawing. Iyana is an illustrator and goes to a school for illustrators. She’s been interested in art as early as three years old.
  • Linkin Park’s song “Shadow of The Day” touched her heart when she was little.

Iyana LeShea’s content primarily focuses on beauty, skincare, decorating, lifestyle, daily and weekly vlogs, and education on albinism. Her most popular video, “7 YEARS AND COUNTING (2012-2019) | MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY | Iyana LeShea,” has over 99K views. The video shows her impressive journey in creating and nurturing her natural locks.

Her third most popular YouTube video is a tribute to people with albinism, as it helps viewers learn the basics of albinism, fostering knowledge and a profound understanding of the uncommon skin condition.

The influencer’s audience loves her candor and authenticity. She is praised for rising above her condition and doing what she loves to do.

Iyana LeShea inspires people to be themselves and be confident to show up regardless of who and what they are. She is a beautiful representation of people with albinism, and we look forward to many more of them becoming prominent influencers.

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