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Web of Funkos: Popular Short-Form Funko Pop YouTube Reviewer

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YouTube is a space for creators and content of all kinds. You name it, and the platform has it. There is definitely no limit to the content you can find on YouTube, from tech, gadgets, sports, news, pop culture trends, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, arts and crafts, music, gaming, and a whole lot more.

The platform is also full of content creators and channels gradually rising to fame, amassing subscribers and views at a stable rate. Among the rising channels of YouTube is a toy-niched channel called Web of Funkos. As the channel’s name suggests, Web of Funkos features Funko Pop! toys.

What is the Funko Pop! brand?

Funko Pop! is a brand of vinyl figurines that encompasses a wide range of characters from various pop culture franchises, including movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and more. These figurines are characterized by their distinctive design, featuring oversized heads and small bodies.

They are often collected by fans of different franchises and have become highly popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

Funko Pop! figurines are known for their diverse range of characters, covering everything from superheroes and villains to characters from classic films and animated series.

What is Web of Funkos?

Web of Funkos has over 104K subscribers as of this writing, 189 videos, and 2M views. The channel is unlike our other favorite channels, as it only has YouTube Shorts. The channel does not feature long-form videos, only videos lasting from 10 to 20 seconds. The channel mostly features various Funko Pop! figurines of our favorite Marvel characters.

Web of Funkos provides a close-up and detailed look at different Funko Pop! figurines, as well as gives their followers first dibs on some of the latest releases. Furthermore, it engages its audience by using poll stickers and replying to the viewers’ comments through another Shorts video.

While Top Pops is YouTube’s biggest Funko Pop! content creator with 2.1M subscribers, Web of Funkos is famous with the audience who prefers to consume short-form video content. And who knows? Web of Funkos might escalate to uploading regular, lengthy videos in the future.

YouTube, Toys, and Short Videos

Many YouTube channels that feature toys and toy reviews have become YouTube famous in recent years, allowing different creators, including kids, to gain millions of views and subscribers. A great example of young creators who became popular for their toy review content is Ryan of Ryan’s World and Like Nastya.

Aside from toy-centric channels, Short videos have also become an increasing content type. While many viewers still consume long-form content endlessly, the rise of TikTok paved the way for short-form videos. In fact, statistics show that 73% of today’s consumers prefer short-form videos to learn about a brand or product than long-form videos.

So, it’s no surprise that channels like Web of Funkos took the opportunity to maximize the trend by only producing and publishing short-form videos that are entertaining and engaging enough but not too lengthy to waste its viewers’ time. The channel is proof that you don’t need to create hours worth of videos to earn viewers and supporters.

Web of Funkos has so much potential in its chosen niche, and we hope to see more in-depth reviews of our favorite figures in the coming years.

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