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MrBeast Gives Mack A Second Chance

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MrBeast is known for his adventurous and gut-wrenching antics, as well as the extravagant prize money that comes with these antics. One of his biggest challenges was the recreation of the successful thriller Korean drama “Squid Game,” where player 079 succeeded in all the challenges out of 456 players and went home with $456,000.

Among the players of MrBeast’s Squid Game challenge was Mack, a former Airrack crew. Mack was able to move on to every stage of the challenge until the cookie-cutting challenge, where he failed to cut the cookies successfully and left without the money.

Lucky for Mack, the viewers saw his relentless spirit and urged MrBeast to give him another chance at winning eight hundred thousand grand. MrBeast listened to the viewers and gave Mack another opportunity to win more than how much he had lost in the Squid Game challenge.

In MrBeast’s latest video, “Face Your Biggest Fear To Win $800,000,” the charitable and content genius came up with mini fear factor challenges exclusively for Mack. The challenge involved six different stages composed of different fear themes.

The first stage of the challenge made Mack lie down in an acrylic box filled with spiders. The challenge lasted for minutes, and Mack finished it like a pro. The next fear to face was the fear of heights. It involved dropping Mack hundreds of feet above the ground with no harness and only a net to catch him on the ground.

The third challenge was like an action movie where Mack was placed in a locked car, dropped into the lake, and had to get out of the car and save the bags containing $800K before the car submerged into the water. It was a real challenge for Mack, but he managed to conquer his fear, get out of the car, and save $700K.

Next to the submerging car is the fear of the unknown, where Mack has to put his hand inside a box without knowing what’s inside. Fortunately, the only thing inside the box was Mr. Beast’s Feastables chocolate.

For the second to the last challenge, MrBeast and his team buried Mack alive for 24 hours. The catch was that Mack couldn’t tell the time, so he could only make estimates and guesses. Luckily, he only gave up after being buried alive for 36 hours, allowing him to proceed to the final fear — the fear of failure.

Since Mack failed on the cookie-cutting portion of the Squid Game challenge, MrBeast decided to recreate that particular challenge and left Mack scared for his life. MrBeast offered Mack $300K, allowing Mack to call it quits without having to go through the challenge again. But his tenacity and grit compelled him to go through the challenge again, hoping to win this time. Unfortunately, Mack failed the challenge for the second time, leaving him with no money at all.

The viewers applaud Mack for facing the challenges head-on and never quitting. Many even want him to star in an action film because, with what he’s shown, he can definitely pass as an action star!

Will MrBeast give Mack a final chance to win the money? We can only wait and see.

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