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YouTubers Rhett & Link Scares Fans With Latest Video

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Witnessing the retirement of their favorite YouTubers made this year tough for many avid fans. Among those who quit their full-time YouTube career as we entered 2024 are The Game Theorist MatPat and English YouTuber Tom Scott.

A day ago, notable YouTubers Rhett & Link scared their loyal viewers with their most recent video, “We’re Done.” The iconic duo is known for their comedic content and is loved by over 5 million subscribers. In classic Rhett & Link style, they successfully made their viewers’ hearts sink to their stomachs through the video.

Given the number of YouTubers who just recently quit YouTube, their fans didn’t get scared for nothing. Thankfully, the video is just a creative way for the content creators to announce a new segment on their channel.

For the past few years, the duo has exerted much effort into writing shows, developing TV series, and pitching themselves into multiple projects, but they got turned down many times. They find that they have been constantly asking for permission to do or make something, and they are done doing so; hence, the video’s title.

Rhett & Link claimed that the intent of their title wasn’t to make viewers panic into thinking they’re retiring from making YouTube content, although many Reddit users see what they did as a classic clickbait style.

While the duo respects the autonomy of every YouTube creator and their respective decisions to leave the platform for good, they are doing the exact opposite. They are crafting more ways to lean forward and foster a more meaningful connection with their audience through their content.

After all the years of doing what others want them to do, Rhett & Link have finally decided to start creating content, not to please other people, but to showcase what they truly want. Doing so entails putting a halt to asking permission to be their authentic selves.

In an effort to go in this direction, the duo announced the creation of a new segment on their namesake YouTube channel. The segment has no network notes or external inputs besides its team and audience.

Producing videos and content is the outpouring of the creators’ passion and heart, and they are stepping toward making things out of their creativity without rejections from “big networks.”

Their YouTube segment “Good Mythical Morning” is a massive hit and will fund their new show. The creators are already in the process of outlining the new show and will start shooting next week. They will save and collect all episodes to release it as one big show with weekly releases. The estimated premier is early fall this year to achieve their goal of releasing an episode weekly.

Aside from the new show, the duo has much in store for their supporters, including a cookbook and summer tour. There is much to look forward to in the Rhett & Link channel, and fans can hardly wait!

While the new show is still in the works, check out Rhett & Link’s other videos and the renowned Good Mythical Morning.

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