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Makeup Guru NikkieTutorials Gets Genuine with SKKN by Kim Kardashian

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Nikkie De Jager, popular online as NikkieTutorials, is a YouTube makeup and skincare influencer and professional makeup artist from the Netherlands. She earned internet fame in 2015 following her YouTube video “The Power of Makeup,” which inspired many others to film themselves with and without makeup.

The makeup guru tends to land on trending spots all over the internet, especially after her coming out video. And today, Nikki is trending 47th on YouTube with her honest first impression and review of the SKKN makeup line by the one and only Kim Kardashian.

After letting go of her former KKW Beauty brand, Kim Kardashian re-emerged with her dedicated skincare and beauty brand SKKN. Rumors have it that the star dropped her former brand years after divorcing her estranged husband Kanye West, as KKW stands for Kim Kardashian West.

The brand then sent a PR package to NikkieTutorials to review on YouTube, and the influencer bore it all to her followers.

NikkieTutorials Verdict

Unlike other vloggers, NikkieTutorials is professional and a woman of integrity who likes to keep it genuine with her followers. Regardless of a package’s sender, Nikkie tries to give her viewers an honest perspective on various products, saving them from what’s not worth their hard-earned money.

Her latest YouTube video shows an in-depth and critical review of Kim K’s SKKN, revealing each product’s quality, performance, and price.

So what does Nikkie say? Is it worth it, or are people better off with other makeup brands?

In true professional makeup artist fashion, Nikkie tried on each product before giving her final verdict. She started with the 12-shade, matte eyeshadow palette. According to the influencer, matte shadows are the cheapest to make. SKKN has a good-performing formula that turns buttery when applied on the eyelids, but with the shades that it offers, $50 is a bit too much, especially given the fact that the colors are generic and present in many other brands.

Next is the lipliner pencils. NikkieTutorials claims that out of everything the brand offers, the lipliners are her ultimate favorite. The liners have impressive quality and very diverse colors, suitable for anyone who wants to wear it. But $22 for a lipliner? Kim K totally went over the top. SKKN lipliner’s quality and texture are comparable to the one from Moira Beauty, but with the latter offering it for a fraction of the price.

Finally are the lipsticks. SKKN has the classic lipstick type that’s not transfer-proof. So, it’s expected to transfer when eating or drinking, but Nikkie finds it beautiful and moisturizing. However, the lipsticks retail for $32, and Nikkie, with her fortune, wouldn’t recommend spending that much for SKKN’s lipstick. Price-wise, the lipstick is already in the range of luxury brands like La Mer or Charlotte Tilbury.

NikkieTutorials acknowledges that her viewers have the autonomy to choose for themselves and spend their hard-earned money on whatever brand they want to support. But if it were up to her, she just doesn’t find SKKN worth her money.

What about you? Do you think you can spend that much on a SKKN makeup product?

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