Feastables: MrBeast’s Popular Chocolate Brand Trends on YouTube

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MrBeast is known to top social media trending charts due to his wild and challenging antics, as well as his philanthropic contributions. Almost all his newly uploaded videos make it to YouTube trending, all thanks to his entertaining content and highly supporting social media community and fans.

He trended in the previous weeks for giving Mack, a challenger in his former Squid Game challenge, a second chance at winning a whopping $800K and bearing hope to a poor community in Guatemala. It’s no surprise to see MrBeast creating engaging content and giving aid to those who are badly in need.

However, he once again trends in YouTube this week but for a different reason — a Feastables massive announcement. Aside from being a notable social media personality, MrBeast is an entrepreneur who founded MrBeast Burger and Feastables.

Feastables, MrBeast’s chocolate brand, amassed loyal consumers since its release. In his latest YouTube trending video, the influencer announced an all-new Feastables packaging and a more delightful chocolate formulation.

The influencer began his announcement by narrating how, a year ago, he realized that every other chocolate tastes better than a Hershey’s bar (context: he advertises his chocolate bars as better-tasting than Hershey’s), not making Feastables any special than the other brands.

The harsh truth slapped MrBeast and his company awake. As a result, MrBeast set out to be better than Hershey’s and all other chocolate brands known to humankind. He worked tirelessly in 2023, visiting one country to another and chocolate factory after chocolate factory to try out hundreds of various chocolate formulas with the goal of improving Feastables.

To prove the quality of his new formulation, MrBeast conducted a blind taste test where he set up a warehouse and invited hundreds of strangers. The blind taste test involved giving each stranger four different chocolate brands (Cadbury, Lindt, Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate, and Feastables) with no obvious branding or labels distinguishing the chocolate from each other. The strangers only voted on the taste of the chocolate pieces, nothing more and nothing less.

MrBeast observed the blind taste test through a monitor and witnessed how the majority of the strangers preferred Feastables over the other chocolate brands. The test revealed that his chocolate brand is comparable to the top European chocolate brands he included in the test.

The new bars come in seven flavors — milk chocolate, almond, milk crunch, peanut butter crunch, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate sea salt. Feastables is available in all Walmart branches across the United States.

In an effort to market his new chocolate formulation, MrBeasts holds a massive 10,000-dollar giveaway, running from February 17 to March 17. It’s highly reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket hidden in some of his chocolate bars, just that buyers must scan the QR code on the new Feastables bar packaging to win the 10K bucks.

The influencer and his company’s hard work paid off as the announcement of his new Feastables formulation trends third on YouTube, amassing over 3.7 million views a day after his upload.

We look forward to the day when MrBeast’s chocolate brand will be made available in countries outside the US.

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