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The Travel Coaches: Emerging Travel YouTube Channel in 2024

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Traveling is beneficial for multiple reasons, including personal growth, cultural understanding, and overall well-being. Experiencing new places and meeting new people exposes us to different traditions and perspectives, fostering a greater appreciation for diversity and inclusivity.

However, it is imperative to note that traveling isn’t as simple as moving from one place to another. Traveling requires us to get accustomed to different airport rules, tips, and hacks and be well-informed about the country we plan to visit. There is so much to learn and remember, and we may not know where to start.

Fortunately, travel influencers and gurus like The Travel Coaches on YouTube publish helpful travel content and information, allowing their viewers to learn relevant things one video at a time.

The Travel Coaches YouTube channel consists of married influencer couple Ian and Meg, who are committed to helping their viewers arrange itineraries, learn how to travel on a budget, and other travel tips. We can find food, culture, nature, and fitness content on their YouTube channel.

The Travel Coaches is YouTube’s rising creator this week. With over 24K subscribers, 2 million views, and 150 creatively made informative videos, Ian and Meg deserve their spotlight on YouTube.

The channel’s most popular video helps new travelers pack effectively by showing 11 things savvy travelers no longer pack in their bags. The video has a relatively stable engagement rate, as it has 420K views and over a thousand comments.

Like every other content creator and influencer, The Travel Coaches receives negative and positive comments on their videos, which is fine. As long as they keep creating engaging, informative, and entertaining content, they will always have fans rallying behind them.

Two of our favorite The Travel Coaches videos show sick travel hacks to source for the cheapest flights on Google Flights and tips on surviving delayed and canceled flights. Who doesn’t like to save bucks on plane tickets and wouldn’t want to get through the horror of canceled or delayed flights?

The channel also gives honest reviews of different airbuses and lays down their overall experience, helping us know what to expect from a certain airline company and their planes. Content like this helps us save money and choose the best airline for a seamless travel experience.

Furthermore, The Travel Coaches publish travel vlogs, showcasing a country’s tourist spots, culture, food or delicacies, and beauty. According to their published YouTube videos, some of the places they have explored include Italy, Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, Spain, Ireland, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore, to name a few.

The Travel Coaches have sufficient travel experience to share legitimate and first-hand experiences and information with their viewers, so we can be sure the jet-setter duo isn’t misleading us.

Therefore, if you are looking for reliable and valuable information, tips, and travel hacks, check out The Travel Coaches and see why YouTube dubbed them as among its creators to watch out for this year.

Creators like The Travel Coaches make traveling less stressful and horrifying.

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