Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach Named Global Fashion Influencer of the Year


Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 and actress Pia Wurtzbach is set to be honored as the Global Fashion Influencer of the Year 2024 at the upcoming EMIGALA Fashion & Beauty Awards. This prestigious event will be held in Dubai on April 27–28, marking its fourth edition.

EMIGALA, renowned for celebrating outstanding contributions to the fashion and beauty sectors both regionally and globally, announced this recognition on their social media channels. According to a report, the awards ceremony aims to showcase diverse lifestyles and cultural expressions through fashion and beauty from around the world.

Wurtzbach’s journey to this accolade has been marked by significant visibility in the fashion world, particularly during her appearances at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks last year where prominent fashion influencers have made a name for themselves. Despite it being her first time attending these high-profile events in Europe, she made a notable impact. According to the influencer marketing platform, Wurtzbach ranked sixth in the list of “most visible influencers” and generated an impressive USD 2.95 million in media value from her social media activities during the events.

Her path in the industry as one of the most notable fashion influencers in Philippines and abroad has not been without challenges. In a statement to CNN Philippines, Wurtzbach shared her early experiences in fashion weeks as Miss Universe, primarily in New York, and her aspirations to make a mark in European fashion scenes. In a heartfelt message, her husband, Jeremy Jauncey, praised her relentless efforts and determination to overcome doubts and criticism about her continuing relevance in the fashion industry.

In addition to her achievements, Wurtzbach has used her platform to address and discourage negative comparisons between herself and other prominent figures like Heart Evangelista, another staple at fashion weeks. She has been vocal about promoting unity and support among women in the industry, urging followers to celebrate each other’s successes without fostering rivalry.

This award celebrates Wurtzbach’s influence and success in the fashion world and her role as a positive figure in the media, advocating for empowerment and solidarity among women.

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